Friday, November 18, 2011

Ohh-la-la Friday!

It's Friday and I have oodles of things to do this weekend. The mad  holiday rush begins......

My X-husband arrives from Morocco, what day?....what time?.....I dunno, he never has the details....sigh. I think the 19th.....and he will sleep alot after, so my weekend will be......

I missed out on another vintage dining table that was all the way in San Diego. I just didn't want to drive 1 1/2 hours and not know if I could get the table in the Rav4. I have to have a table for Thanksgiving. I think I will hit one of my old plaster home decor studios for a table base, I hope I find what I love. I also want some small capitols and columns for display purposes.

I have cruised the Pottery Barn online and felt that there was nothing for me. Last night, I was at the mall and ran into Pottery Barn after I picked up my Willaims Sonoma brining 'stuff'. I actually saw a lot of things that I would really LOVE to have. I think they have a few glitsy-er items that will suit my house. I am also dreaming about an 'ethnic' bar with embossed metal on the top. I gotta, wanna....have it. Too bad it's $899.00.....sigh. I've been thinking that I can't have everything and I need to be more creative. I will still frequent Home Goods and Marshalls for items after the holidays but in the mean time, I need stuff up. I still haven't found a console table that I love for the stairs (I'm ruined because I saw the perfect one at Marshalls, I had no money and when I went back it was gone.....CRY!) I'm going to put up an old modern white shelf that I have becasue I need to get my pictures up in the stair well, get some great flowering twigs in my new fabulous turquoise vase, and call it a holiday day!

I need to stop trying to be perfect and choose my battles. I can't afford everything and I'm stressing myself out!

My mother is having a garage sale this weekend. I should join her becasue I have tons of stuff. I just can't do it this weekend....too much to do. I have been 'instructed' to remove the kids bikes and scooters from her garage tho'.....gotta do that tonight.

I'm not sure if I will make the Long Beach antique sale either.........Vintage shopping may have to wait until after the holidays......we'll see.

For now, I'm off to write lists for the weekend and I'll cross my fingers that I accomplish everything.

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