Friday, November 18, 2011

Ohh-la-la Friday!

It's Friday and I have oodles of things to do this weekend. The mad  holiday rush begins......

My X-husband arrives from Morocco, what day?....what time?.....I dunno, he never has the details....sigh. I think the 19th.....and he will sleep alot after, so my weekend will be......

I missed out on another vintage dining table that was all the way in San Diego. I just didn't want to drive 1 1/2 hours and not know if I could get the table in the Rav4. I have to have a table for Thanksgiving. I think I will hit one of my old plaster home decor studios for a table base, I hope I find what I love. I also want some small capitols and columns for display purposes.

I have cruised the Pottery Barn online and felt that there was nothing for me. Last night, I was at the mall and ran into Pottery Barn after I picked up my Willaims Sonoma brining 'stuff'. I actually saw a lot of things that I would really LOVE to have. I think they have a few glitsy-er items that will suit my house. I am also dreaming about an 'ethnic' bar with embossed metal on the top. I gotta, wanna....have it. Too bad it's $899.00.....sigh. I've been thinking that I can't have everything and I need to be more creative. I will still frequent Home Goods and Marshalls for items after the holidays but in the mean time, I need stuff up. I still haven't found a console table that I love for the stairs (I'm ruined because I saw the perfect one at Marshalls, I had no money and when I went back it was gone.....CRY!) I'm going to put up an old modern white shelf that I have becasue I need to get my pictures up in the stair well, get some great flowering twigs in my new fabulous turquoise vase, and call it a holiday day!

I need to stop trying to be perfect and choose my battles. I can't afford everything and I'm stressing myself out!

My mother is having a garage sale this weekend. I should join her becasue I have tons of stuff. I just can't do it this weekend....too much to do. I have been 'instructed' to remove the kids bikes and scooters from her garage tho'.....gotta do that tonight.

I'm not sure if I will make the Long Beach antique sale either.........Vintage shopping may have to wait until after the holidays......we'll see.

For now, I'm off to write lists for the weekend and I'll cross my fingers that I accomplish everything.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What do I say?...........

As usual, I'm busy, my mind is very scattered. I would so like to be organized for the upcoming holidays. If thinking about it all counts, then I'm on my way! HA!

We got one of the new puppies last Sunday. Lucy now aka Princess is a tiny chihuahua and rather clingy and needy. She would prefer if we hold her day and night. I am hoping that this is just a phase and she will become more secure and confident soon. I adore her and enjoy being with her always.
Unfortunately, on Monday, the dog that my son was going to adopt, died. She was a four month old puppy with all of her shots, but she got parvo and didn't survive. Whew, Monday was very sad for me. My son was very sad too but thankfully Princess can abate any bad/sad moods quickly. I would be very content to just have one dog but we'll see if we get another.

Both of my kids have been sick with colds/flu. I'm feeling rather funky today myself. Just very tired.Well, I'm keeping things short and sweet today........

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jittery-y and TOTALLY Stupid!

So.....I have never claimed to be anything less than....well slightly crazy. Crazy in a good way most of the time, but nonetheless, crazy. We all have a loony side (nods head), I know it.

Last weekend, I went 'around the bend'..........

All the steps have been in place, day after day. I have gained back 'my life', my dolce vita actually. From a good job, a home, to furniture and appliances, much of it is in place. One of the last items that my children have been clamoring for?......yep, a D-O-G.

I LOVE dogs and I was an idiot to go to Petsmart last Saturday and then send pics to my daughter. What was I thinking? They had a lovely little bitchy chihuahua ('Lucy'), Camille's wish list dog. I didn't hold her, but I sat there watching all the dogs for a few hours. Personally, I feel in love with a strange looking dog named 'Camille' (weird huh?). She has crazy big ears and very short legs. Think Welsh Corgi. They claim Camille is poor in-breeding of chihuahuas but she is crazy big for a chihuahua. I didn't hold Camille either. When I arrived home, my daughter demanded that we return so she could see Lucy. Camille held the dog and I was doomed. I couldn't say no, she is a great option, to adopt and save. Lucy was on death row at a shelter because she's a year old. She let Camille hold her but didn't like me much. I am also aware that Lucy doesn't like men much. Hope she likes boys...........I arranged to pick up 'Lucy' next Sunday. I'm sure a name change is in order. We stopped at Homegoods to shop for a bed, we found a black fur one for $10. We didn't find an elevated furniture style one yet, but we'll keep looking.

I will need a baby gate to enclose her in the kitchen until I see if she's housebroken.

My son Malik had a fit that his sister got a dog and he didn't. What's a crazy woman to do? Of course, take her son back to Petsmart the next day and show him the adoptable dogs. There was Lucy's cage mate and death row partner, Hope, a Whippet mix. Hope was quite the adorable dog that can climb a 5 foot cage or jump the 5 feet, which ever. I watched her do that three times. OY. Malik didn't like her. Phew! Then I showed him 'Camille' and it was love at first site. All the crazy rescue ladies knew that I was taken with Camille and offered to let me have her for 1/3 the price. My son held 'Camille' for hours as well and I signed the deal. I pick up Camille next Sunday as well. (BTW - Camille was one of 15 dogs that was removed from a hoarder, she's 4 months old.)

The crazy part, I don't have the deposit monies paid to have a dog at my town home. I'm thinking I will hide the TWO dogs for a month or so....there's the jitter. I'm an idiot......sigh.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Freaks Come Out On Halloween Night OR Oh-h-h-h S-H-I-T!

I was really excited for Halloween this year. It's the first time since my children were born that I could stay home, relax and pass out candy. I LOVE to see the little trick or treaters. Both Malik and Camille were hangin' with friends.

I was rushing around to straighten up the house and suddenly the entire neighborhood's 'sewage' started pumping out of my toilet. Yikes! It was really horrible. I did what I could to abate the flow from getting the carpet or furniture, but some of the fluids did escape out the walls into the garage. ICK-k-k-k. I had notified maintenance four days ago that  there seemed to be a problem, but they never came to access the issue. I was smokin' mad and spent a good half hour, six phone calls or so yelling at management. I then left my house unable to stand the stench. So much for my trick or treaters.

SAD day.......

I've been busy cleaning up the mess.