Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jittery-y and TOTALLY Stupid!

So.....I have never claimed to be anything less than....well slightly crazy. Crazy in a good way most of the time, but nonetheless, crazy. We all have a loony side (nods head), I know it.

Last weekend, I went 'around the bend'..........

All the steps have been in place, day after day. I have gained back 'my life', my dolce vita actually. From a good job, a home, to furniture and appliances, much of it is in place. One of the last items that my children have been clamoring for?......yep, a D-O-G.

I LOVE dogs and I was an idiot to go to Petsmart last Saturday and then send pics to my daughter. What was I thinking? They had a lovely little bitchy chihuahua ('Lucy'), Camille's wish list dog. I didn't hold her, but I sat there watching all the dogs for a few hours. Personally, I feel in love with a strange looking dog named 'Camille' (weird huh?). She has crazy big ears and very short legs. Think Welsh Corgi. They claim Camille is poor in-breeding of chihuahuas but she is crazy big for a chihuahua. I didn't hold Camille either. When I arrived home, my daughter demanded that we return so she could see Lucy. Camille held the dog and I was doomed. I couldn't say no, she is a great option, to adopt and save. Lucy was on death row at a shelter because she's a year old. She let Camille hold her but didn't like me much. I am also aware that Lucy doesn't like men much. Hope she likes boys...........I arranged to pick up 'Lucy' next Sunday. I'm sure a name change is in order. We stopped at Homegoods to shop for a bed, we found a black fur one for $10. We didn't find an elevated furniture style one yet, but we'll keep looking.

I will need a baby gate to enclose her in the kitchen until I see if she's housebroken.

My son Malik had a fit that his sister got a dog and he didn't. What's a crazy woman to do? Of course, take her son back to Petsmart the next day and show him the adoptable dogs. There was Lucy's cage mate and death row partner, Hope, a Whippet mix. Hope was quite the adorable dog that can climb a 5 foot cage or jump the 5 feet, which ever. I watched her do that three times. OY. Malik didn't like her. Phew! Then I showed him 'Camille' and it was love at first site. All the crazy rescue ladies knew that I was taken with Camille and offered to let me have her for 1/3 the price. My son held 'Camille' for hours as well and I signed the deal. I pick up Camille next Sunday as well. (BTW - Camille was one of 15 dogs that was removed from a hoarder, she's 4 months old.)

The crazy part, I don't have the deposit monies paid to have a dog at my town home. I'm thinking I will hide the TWO dogs for a month or so....there's the jitter. I'm an idiot......sigh.

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