Thursday, April 4, 2013

Interior Design Class with Justina Blakeney

Good morning everyone! I'm taking an online interior design class about styling and I wanted to share my process and progress. It just started Monday and I had my first assignment due yesterday. I was so gung ho, that I wanted to have my project posted that first day. Fate had another idea in the form of program glitches within Skillset the class online host. I tried all day to download a multitude of my decor and home photos as "before" photos which was the first requirement. Around midnight Monday, I was able to almost complete my first submission minus one photograph. The dreaded before photo of my see, I work from home and I have an IPad, which in lulu terms means I'm in my bed with my two darling dogs a lot! It's where I do my best work. I have always been a huge bed lover. I wash my linens often and I'm very lazy to iron them and make the linens "photo ready" and since I'm very single, I have stuff on the empty side of the bed sometimes. With the photo assignment due within a few hours, I snapped away at the reality of my wrinkled mess of a bed. Shame of shames, my secret is exposed......sigh. My bedroom is my mess. (Insert whine-y-y excuses, you see I get up really early and move to my office in my chic pjs, hot mess hair and a cup of tea ( hot or iced depending upon the weather which today I can't decide, so I have nothing. It's overcast in SoCal today) Need!

I digress.......crap, part of the down side of being over 50, I ramble in text as well.

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