Monday, April 8, 2013

Not Enough Time in A Day.....

Such a busy time, I'm trying to reorganize my home, redecorate a little and also get my daughter ready for college. Phew! I have to work too......?

Most importantly, I'm taking an online course in interior design styling. I was late in posting my first two assignments and I have another due today. Sunday's projects due where styling the coffee table and sofa. I'm not ready for either one but I did my first installment anyway. I will probably change everything when I feel more inspired. I still need to find my white throw and I need to find a cute vase for my little plant or maybe I'll be lazy and purchase an orchid! I dunno, I always have to sit with it and think. I haven't had time to do that. Anyway......I few pictures for your enjoyment!

To get into the mood, I purchased some new Moroccan music and dressed appropriately.....haha

No time for makeup.......

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