Tuesday, April 9, 2013

funky, freaky and frazzled....de-capitalized

I used to be a huge blogger with Yahoo 360 and Multiply. I knew those sites like that back of my hand and created some really lovely posts. They're all gone now, in a poof, with the demise of the websites. I bring this up because I've never had any followers on blogger or the desire to learn how to make my site and posts special. I feel a horrible pressure in my blogs current mediocrity. It's all that I have at the moment though. Reminder to relax, it's the best that I can do at the moment.....

I still have no readership.....sigh

I really have been busy lately. My 15 year old son is a hot mess and so is his bedroom. I ask him to clean it but his best effort extends to taking the dirty dishes down to the kitchen, putting his dirty clothes in the hamper after a week long accumulation and maybe if I'm lucky he will pick up and empty his trash. Otherwise, everything remains on his floor, a hot mess. My son, Malik actually has Christmas clothing that he has yet to wear. I found it in a pile under many bed linen things on the side of his bed. G-r-r-r.

We moved to this town home, two years ago and I find that I need to re-organize and tweak almost everything. The basics are coming together but now I need to add the details and that sure takes time. Everyone knows how it is. You may want to finish a room, find that perfect decor item or furniture and you just can't find it or afford it. Sometimes, frugal creativity is a drain.....

My son is almost 16 and I feel he's at a new precipice, of young adulthood. Malik is a bit of a hoarder, so it's hard for him to let go of things. Two years ago, even though he wasn't playing with toys, he was reluctant to get rid of them. Hallelujah, now he is. That's a great thing because there isn't enough room
for a young adults clothing and toys.......

I've had a mood board since before Christmas for my son's room. I am addicted to creating mood boards. It's so fun with an app I purchased for my IPad called Moodboard! Check it out for some easy fun. I want more than anything to bring my ideas to fruition. Here's my mood board:

As you can see, because we have 15+ ( whatever, they're really tall) foot ceilings upstairs, I'm taking 
advantage of that with a loft bed, which is also a nice change from a twin to a double. I'm also hoping to keep my son out of his bed more and in a living room situation. With a couch or futon, he can have friends over, play Xbox, watch TV in a cool environment. His favorite color is yellow and he's a skateboarder and surfer. It's a lot of IKEA, but I'm on a real budget with this one. ( I did find a comparable duvet cover at Target which is only $39, a $60 savings! whoooot! As it is I will have to do this in stages. 

C'est la vie.....real life.
As an accountant, I also have an Excel spreadsheet with the budget broken into three stages. Hopefully I will find savings in other areas as I go along.

It's really dreadful.....sigh. He has a nice duvet cover and is too lazy to put it on...OY

I love a happy ending and for the most part this story does have a happy ending. I used a rake to put all the junk in a pile in the corner. The closet is organized and done except for the family games which I will remove when I have a new spot ready for them. Now my son has lots of room for more clothes and other "manly" things.

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