Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Beginnings

I found a dime today...............

Yeah, well I've got to be positive. That's a good start, right? Who am I talking to? I have but one wee follower and he doesn't read this stuff. How can I , no I will find the....the excitement in positive writings and expression. Back at the blogsville ponderings.

I curled my hair and put on make up.

I have been crying all morning, my stress and sadness is through the roof. Today, today only. I'm sure it's an imbalance in one of my medications. Losing so much weight and my meds haven't been adjusted. I have a new doctor now and have an appointment tomorrow at 9! That's positive! 

Now my make up is mussed and I'm having horrible flashes, so I put my hair up. I tried to keep it, it's still cute. Seeeee, I can do this positive thing.

Stay tuned for my new palace, organizing, decorating and general cooooolness that only I can bring.

I will get the money so that I can have a pedicure! my toes have started bleeding from lack of proper attention. Ick....

Today's agenda, make lists, do writing assignments for career counselor, pick up new script (ie get out of the HOUSE!) and smile. Cleaning my room a bit too.

Hugs, kisses and best wishes to all!

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