Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sh-H-H-H, Shopping Like Secrets from a Stylist, Emily Henderson

I have been dying to go vintage furniture shopping on Los Angeles for over a month now. I need to quantify myself, I have always been a new item purchaser, but because I need so many pieces and I'm tired of buying crap, I'm trying to go vintage. I never stop at garage sales but one day I did and found an amazing Regency table and ornate frame all for $20, both needing major renovation. Now, I am dreaming about a walnut round dining table, probably mid-century.

I have found inspiration from a designer on HGTV, Emily Henderson. I feel that my style is eclectic and Emily is the designer that I have seen do it best on HGTV. She's quirky, fun to watch and shops in LA, an hour from where I live.

I gathered my daughter early Sunday morning, which is no mean feat to wake her up before noon. I was on the road by 9 AM, with a scheduled plan that included shopping recommendations from Emily Henderson. I started on the 210 Freeway, toward Pasadena, 30 minutes from my house. I had my co-pilot Camille (my daughter) find directions on my GPS and then call ahead if we had phone numbers. The two places in Pasadena didn't answer the phone, (hmmmmm, must be closed). While my daughter napped, I kept driving on the 210, Camille awoke just in time to tell me to keep driving until I found some strange freeway that I wasn't familiar with. I should have known that a 16 year old isn't the best co-pilot but she's all I had in a pinch. I kept asking her to check her directions, finally after another 1/2 hour, she realized she had skipped two steps in the directions. GADS.........Finally we reached a NOHO (North Hollywood) destination and they were all closed.........sigh. I was sure that stores on Melrose wouldn't be closed, so I headed that direction. My luck, it was the AIDS walk and Melrose and a few other streets were closed down...........Arrrghggggg. This wasn't fun man. I was getting tired and cranky, so I high tailed it to Fairfax and the Farmers Market. I purchased a terrible snack at the market and $20 worth of petit pastries. Camille and I devoured the pastries all the way home. They were delish but oh so pricey!

The next weekend, I headed out Saturday Morning 9AM alone this time. I decided to start near downtown, taking the 10 freeway all the way to the Santa Monica Freeway. I have always known how to get there, I guess. GPS sure gives a strange description, with all the little twist and turns to transition to the 10 (such an old freeway). I went into the Ethiopian area (I think).

There was one cute tiny shop 45 Three Vintage Modern that had horrible prices for me (I said for me....). The proprietor had some great pieces that I admired, but they had already been restored. I was drooling over two unique chairs with amazing green silk striae fabric. $1,200 for the set. Then I noticed a very ornate wall table, that I really really LOVED, $650.

On to TINI, I am IN LOVE WITH THIS STORE! They had a vintage Little Lulu doll.....sigh. I found my dream table but the legs were short, as it was a coffee table. It was only my second store so I wasn't discouraged. I felt very overwhelmed in Tini, there were alot of things that I liked but I promised myself that I wouldn't spend a dime until I got a table first. I always spent so much on accessories that I never have enough for the primary item I'm after.

They want $250 for this chair, I bought a Bergeres chair for $80 in better shape than this(?)

Then I hit Big Daddy Antiques. This store took my breath away, but I knew this was wayyy-y-y out my my price range. I enjoyed looking and circled through the store three times. I especially liked the bird cages and the canary.

I also went to the Mid-Wilshire area, near Paramount to Design Modern. This is a real dumpy store, difficult to squeeze through the aisles. The guy there was funny and rather snobbish. I told him what I was looking for and he showed me a dreadful black table which he wanted $750 for (he also said he would take $450 without asking). I believe he was spouting furniture designer names, but I'm just not that knowledgeable. I feel in love with a small credenza, but he said it was 'signed' and wanted $950. DRAT!

I then went to the Echo Park area of Sunset Blvd off the 101 and Rampart. I went to Pepe's and fell in love with a black walnut desk, WOW, it was lovely, just not what I was looking for.

I stopped for some tacos and started reflecting. I expected more junk I guess in these stores and much better prices. I have come to the conclusion that I can be a picker at the swap meets, the Rose Bowl or Long Beach. I can't afford this kind of vintage at the moment.

I was very sad and defeated that day........

Guess I can't shopping like Emily........

Dreams of Emily Henderson and Secrets of a Stylist doing my humble abode.......

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