Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Decorating Lulu Style.......

Can I tell you have many blog/sites I have developed over the years? Too many, darn it! I've had this site since 2007, but never spent much time here or developed it. I'm in a bit of a learning curve which I don't like too do I post a new blog? HA!

I have been crazy busy, no real time for blogging really, but I have a lot to say. Being a W-O-M-A-N of 50 going on 35.........Whooop! I turned 50 last week and let me tell you, I don't like and DON'T want IT! So #$@! if I don't feel 50 or some blind man says I don't look 50......I don't wanna be 50. Simple as that. I leave my rant...........

To those of you that really know me, know of my previous update. Since June 2011, I moved into a 3 bedroom town home, in a town adjacent to my town, Upland. I'm really content, happy and my place is very comfy, cozy. When all of my processions went into storage in the year 2008, I sold most of the big stuff, like washer, dryer, fridge, sofa, dining table etc. So in July 2011, I had a lot of creative purchasing to do. I LOVE nice things. Really nice things and this time I really don't want to compromise.....much. First purchase I made was a custom sofa, with three cushions and a chaise. The sofa has clean lines and a neutral texture that I like. I chose it because I wanted a sofa that could grow with my ever evolving aesthetic and taste. My current decor style (according to ME!):
  • Modern
  • Hollywood Regency
  • Moroccan
  • Coastal
Having lived at the beach for 25 years, I will never leave my love of the coast and decor. I suppose the same holds true for my Moroccan style (since I was married to a Moroccan for 13 years). I am not classical trained in interior design, but I love all styles. I know what I know, which I would say is very little. I like what I like, I know it and tend to have a fantastic eye. (I can say that right? It's confidence, not braggin'!) I'm not decorator, I could never be on HGTV. Anyway, with all the disclaimers out of the way. I have some really really crazy decorating stories to tell........(does the anticipation make you tingle?)
Here's a 'before' picture of my sofa......Stay tuned for the evolution
A lot of help is needed is it?......

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